Cost effective solutions
Strategic consulting PDF Print E-mail
We devise over-all strategic and communications plans and provide the oversight and regular input needed to get the job done.  We work collaboratively with you to craft plans that best address your unique challenges. In today's fast changing environment, a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach, simply won't work. Needed refinements and adjustments are made based on unfolding developments. And we pay attention to the details that can make the difference between success and failure.
Direct Mail PDF Print E-mail

We handle all aspects of direct mail, including devising a direct mail plan, targeting, drafting, design, printing and mailing processing. Our knowledge of what messages are truly persuasive and the best ways to communicate them inform the content and design of our mail pieces. 

Public relations PDF Print E-mail

We have a proven record of gaining sustained favorable media attention for our clients. A combination of media releases, press conferences, editorial board meetings, opinion piece placements, blog postings, background briefings and television and radio interviews, are used. A particular strength is neutralizing any possible negative attention and dealing with any crisis that emerges.

Cost-effective web sites PDF Print E-mail

We offer web sites for candidates or non-profits. We bring a strategic approach to this endeavor ensuring that the web site accomplishes your main goals at an affordable price.

Public Opinion Research (Polling) PDF Print E-mail

We specialize in providing cost-effective public opinion research that can fit your budget. Often, issue campaigns or local election campaigns believe they can’t afford to poll. We craft shorter questionnaires that retrieve only the most essential information and provide cost-effective sampling solutions. This way, you can gain the strategic advantage that polling provides without blowing your budget.